Welcome to the Programme!

cicWelcome to the 10 week “Communication & Collaboration” Programme.

As you already know, we will work together in a learning process, seeking to improve your individual and collective skills to think and act “as a team”.

One year ago, you held an internal workshop and you identified some challenges you think it could be useful to improve:

• The quality of communication in the groups and among the different groups.
• The individual focus of work and results.
• To gain shared vision and motivation to collaborate.
• The resource allocation process looking for the benefits of the collective.

To change the working culture of an organization requires three levels of intervention:

1) Each of us needs to find “reasons to”… we need to connect with this simple question: what´s in for me? What´s in for us?

2) We need to make an effort to develop the necessary skills, and that requires intention and practice. Listening, communication with clarity, giving constructive feedback, building effective commitment, generating trust, etc… are skills we can learn and develop…but only if we “want”.

3) We need to commit ourselves and contribute to generating a favorable context. Often, we tend to say “the problem is the culture of this organization”, ignoring the fact that we are the ones to build it, with our day-to-day actions and attitudes.

We have pre-designed a learning process to move a step forward in these challenges. But to be more specific and to help you the best we can, we would like to hear your needs and expectations about it before we start. That´s why we enclose 4 questions for you to answer, in the next few days:

Communication and Collaboration Programme Survey

We are convinced the effort will be useful for you. We are convinced that the future is CO- and that the investment in developing these skills will be very profitable for you and for the whole organization.

Vesper team


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