The superpower of collaboration

super-hero-battery-wraps-1-300x271We are living in a complex world: the challenges are global and bigger and the changes becoming faster and faster. This situation forces us to change a paradigm with which we have lived for centuries: only the strongest will survive

This belief has been useful for humanity for years but we are sure that it will not be enough for the future. In the past, competition was the key to success but right now, we need another superpower: the capacity to collaborate with others.

So we need engineers, economists, artists, politicians, teachers…who collaborate with each others but especially, we need scientists who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with companies and colleagues to solve huge problems … and enjoy doing it.

Here we have valued examples of joint collaborating work between scientific individuals and groups to solve increasingly complex problems. Alfons Cornella, in his book “The solution begins with CO“, talks about a radical exam­ple of scientific collaboration in the Atlas Experiment where “more than 3,000 scientists in many dif­ferent specialties contributing to solve the most complex questions about the structure of matter at the CERN in Geneva. It is this convergence of disciplines that helps science to advance”.

However, we know that it’s necessary to develop new skills and we are looking forward to sharing them in this Programme.

Vesper Team



2 thoughts on “The superpower of collaboration”

  1. Congrats for the blog. In my opinion one of the Key issues is how to align personal objectives with common ones, which probably should be a two way process. Regarding to the paradigm “only the strongest will survive”, I definitively prefer “It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent who survive, but those who best adapt to change.”


    1. Yes, and we might review the idea we have about “being the stronger” as an individual feature vs a collective feature. Teams with strong links, build solid systems that can compete better. But it is not so obvious to see and not so obvious to do. An interesting challenge, anyway.


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