From EGO-systems to ECO-systems

ego-v-ecoLast  friday we were telling you about the superpower of being able to collaborate, and presenting the ideas of Alfons Cornella, one of the best experts in collaboration. He has founded a project, co-society, with the intention of building and fostering inter-companies linkages and collaborations.

Today, we want to introduce you to Otto Scharmer, professor of MIT, an expert in change processes. In his latest book, “From EGO-systems, to ECO-systems“, he develops a theory about  the needed competencies for buiding co-creation contexts to address the increasingly complex problems of the society and organizations.

One of these competencies, he says, is LISTENING. The capacity to listen to new facts, to listen  to other´s points of view, and to listen to future possibilities is one of the keys to be able to create something new and valuable. He explains the four levels of listening in this video (8 minutes).

When we really listen, we can go beyond what we already know, what we already think and therefore, we can create relationships that help us create the future that we want, in a collaborative way.

During this week, before the module 1 of the programme, we want you to practice your listening ability. We suggest that you try to listen consciously, giving time to this complex activity, asking questions to understand better the ideas, worries and motivations of your colleagues. Just observe yourselves and see to what extent you really “listen”.

We will practice some more during the seminar. See you next week.

Vesper team

P.S.: We remind you to answer the questionnaire to tell us your expectations about the programme. For us, is very useful to listen to you before we gather next thursday. Thank you in advance:


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