My best meeting…

“I remember that I left the room satisfied and full of energy …………………………..”

We want you to recall and describe the best meeting you have ever attended. A meeting that filled you with energy, because it was useful and fluid.

And we have 3 questions for you to think about and to write down your comments:

  1. What were the 5 main ingredients of that inspirational meeting?
  2. How can you offer these ingredients in the meetings you partipate in?
  3. What can you do in the meetings you call and organize yourself?

Thank you in advance for replying!

Vesper team



2 thoughts on “My best meeting…”

  1. Q1
    a. Interesting topic.
    b. Cover few itmes (2-3) and one item at a time.
    c. Few participants (<5).
    d. Review conclusions from discussions at closing.
    e. Informal atmosphere.

    — To avoid addressing issues which are not related or deviate from the topic that is being discussed.
    — To ask for a brief outcome review of the meeting at the end, if missing or unclear.

    In relation to the 5 main ingredients pointed out in Q1:
    a. To clarify meeting purpose and maintain focus and pace (+c).
    b. To prepare agenda and distribute it (verbally or written) at the start.
    c. To identify key participants, avoiding to call people only vaguely involved in the main purpose of the meeting.
    d. To summarize the main conclusions and/or actions to be taken at the end. And arrange time for next meeting, if necessary.
    e. Round table format, where participants can debate and with eventual short presentations by some participants to introduce topics of discussion.


  2. Q1:
    • Relax and informal atmosphere
    • Challenging topic
    • Team feeling
    • Freedom of speech and opinion
    • Clear outcome
    • Offer my full commitment to the success of the problem or project under discussion.
    • Motivate people by listening all opinions and by promoting scientific creativity.
    • Give a feeling of being a team with a common problem and a common perspective of success where everyone has the potential to lead a new idea.


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