Communication & Collaboration Programme

Objective: To reflect and develop the communication & cooperation skills in the group of leaders, to gain shared understanding of problems, and improve coordination and team work in CIC Energigune.

Format: We propose a 10 week process, combining readings, two classroom sessions and an individual coaching session to help participans apply the learning by way of a commitment action plan.

Contents: We will offer conceptual distinctions and practice the following competencies:

  • how to listen productively
  • how to give and receive constructive feedback
  • how to build trust
  • how to coordinate actions and commitment effectively
  • how to gain shared visions
  • how to focus on solutions and future (vs. on the problems and the past)

Facilitators: This development process will be facilitated by Oscar Garro and Ane Agirre, partners at Vesper (www.vespersolutions.com). They are certified coaches and experts in cooperation processes and corporate culture development.