The last entry

We hope you have found your individual coaching sessions useful. We have the feeling that they were so. We also hope you can aply some of the concepts we reviewed during the modules.

To finish this process, we have sent you three more inputs:

1) a 4 minutes TedEd video, summarizing what good communication is about:

2) a 3 minutes video of Fred Kofman, summarizing the idea of “becoming leaders/actors” (vs. feeling victims of the situation).

3) Perhaps you remember that Nagore talked about an article about meetings in our last session. Please find bellow the link:

We have sent you our emails address, and invite you to contact us in case you want to discuss any idea or you think we can help you in any way.

Thanks for your participation.

Vesper team

Ane Agirre (

Oscar Garro (


Wake up call!

Last week we asked three questions and we have received two answers (one from Javier Carrasco and the other one from Juan Miguel López, thank you!).

We need your collaboration to make the next classroom session useful and productive for you.

So…we ask you again the three same questions:

  1. What were the 5 main ingredients of that inspirational meeting?
  2. How can you offer these ingredients in the meetings you partipate in?
  3. What can you do in the meetings you call and organize yourself.


Vesper team

p.s.: write down the answers as “comments” on the Blog Site.