Effective meetings

Stand-up meeting

We believe that ideal meetings do not exist but we have experienced some that we have left saying: “it has been an effective meeting“.

It is not a about applying a recipe; however, there are a number of things that can be      useful:

  1. Fix the objective…with a clear and a basic agenda shared in advance.
  2. Be exclusive…only invite essential people who have something different to do or to think.
  3. Call shorter timed meetings…but be punctual to begin and finish.
  4. Distribute the roles: leader, decisions pusher, time keeper,…
  5. Open the meeting with a checkin moment…How do you feel today?
  6. Change the physical enviroment…and the things will change.
  7. Mute your devices…it’s necessary to be absolutely present.
  8. Focus on the goals…and forget the unanticipated themes.
  9. Close the meeting with a checkout moment…How have we talked today?

We will work theses tips in the next session and we will try to look for your specific rules.

By the way, we were wondering why most of the group has not replied to our last entrie yet! …We are still waiting for more answers and we will talk about it in a few days… 🙂

Vesper team